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With accompanying the course of human history, plants have given us a firm and warm force from ancient times till now. Each plant has its own unique characteristics. Only by truly adhering to the natural, original, and pure way can we obtain the most powerful energy and healing power from it.
Phatoil is the essential oil brand of UTOPBAN Limited. The company is located in 3/F Workington Tower, 78 Bonham strand Sheung Wan, which is a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
Phatoil has set up a brand of pure natural essential oil since 2018. In order to find the most perfect raw materials of the essential oil, the founder spent a year visiting major plant production areas around the world. He signed agreements with local farms to select the plumpest plants and plant parts such as flowers, leaves, roots, and seeds to extract essential oils in the most primitive way. Based on its own strong supply chain system, Phatoil focuses all its enthusiasm and energy on improving the quality of essential oils and fully exploiting the natural energy contained in plants so as to deliver this gift from the earth to every home.
Since launching in 2020, Phatoil has sold more than 10 million bottles, providing authentic, safe, and effective essential oil products to more than 2 million families and individuals. Phatoil is an ambitious brand that hopes to provide everyone with better quality plant essential oils at lower prices.



3/F Workington Tower, 

78 Bonham Strand,

Sheung Wan.

Call us on +852 62353298