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Base oil/Carrier oil
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Base oil/Carrier oil
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Perfect base oils to be used to dilute pure essential oils.The fats contained within base oils allow the essential oils to be effectively absorbed into bodies.
Each essential oil comes with 100ml amber brown bottles.This will keep the oils fresh and help against light degradation.
Comes with a beautiful box and a dropper,wonderful gift option for those who love using essential oils.

Item Type: PHATOIL Base Oil
Net Content: 100ml/3.38fl.oz
Grapeseed Oil/ Rose Hip Oil/ Jojoba Oil/ Olive Oil/ Rose Bip Seed Oil/ Avocado Oil

How To Use:
Recommended Dilution Ratio:
1 percent dilution:1 drop essential oil per 1 teaspoon(5ml) base oil

For external use only.
Keep tightly sealed.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Discontinue if irritation occurs.
Keep out of reach of children.
If pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before use.

Package Includes:
1 x 100ML PHATOIL Base Oil
1 x Dropper
1 x Beautiful Box

Grapeseed Oil- Contains two important elements: lionleic acid and oligo proanthocyanidin.It is not greasy but fresh and is easy to absorb by skin. It resists free radical and defends the bad effect from ageing. Helps absorb vitamin C and E. It strengthens the circulatory system, resists the ultraviolet injury, protects the collagen of the skin, keeps the elasticity and tension of skin, prevents the skin from being flagging and wrinkle.
Rose Hip Oil- Suitable for aging, dark yellow, damaged, and stained skin. Rosehip oil is known for its repairing and whitening effect, which helps to improve pigmentation and bright complexion; and to rejuvenate damaged and aging skin. It is extremely high in essential fatty acids and  vitamin. Softens, smoothes and moisturizes skin, actively improves dryness, diminishes early fine lines, and makes skin fuller and more elastic.At the same time, it is an excellent hair care product with natural protection and moisturizing effect.
Jojoba Oil- Contains abundant protein, mineral substances, and is very close to the collagen of skin. The stability is extremely high in the protection of moisture and oil. It can keep the content of moisture within the skin, prevent the wrinkle and soften the skin. It is most suitable for cosmetology. After the application, it has smooth feeling for the skin, especially for facial purpose. It can also be used for hair maintenance,to improve the quality of coarse hair, prevent hair from sunburn branching, make the hair pitch-black and soft.
Olive Oil- Contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acid, gentle and no stimulation. Has the functions of relaxing the effect from sunburn. Can be used for slimming, reducing the effects of ageing, sunburn, rheumatism and the injury of bones. It can also be used for hair oil.
Rose Bip Seed Oil- Suitable for general skin or aging skin. It has the effects to soften, whiten, reduce stretch marks and promotes the growth of recycled functions. It can improve the effect on scar and youth small pox. It has the good effect on keeping skin moisture content. It also can be used for preventing precipitation of pigments after sun shining and the effect of sunburn. Add 10% in the common use and up to 100% can be used for very aging skin.
Avocado Oil- Contains abundant mineral substances, protein, vitamin A, B, B2, D, E, phosphorus fat and a large amount of linoleic acid ,etc.. Suitable for the use for dry skin, sensitive, lack of water, eczema skin. It regulates body properly, reduces the effect of black dots. It has good effect in reducing wrinkles. It belongs to relatively heavy quality and permeates deeply base oil. Consequently, it is not suitable to use alone. 10% of total amount is enough in the application.