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Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil

Spicy Scent
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Ginger (Zingiber officinalis), known as empowering oil, has a pleasant aroma. Steam inhalation effectively improves cold symptoms such as feverish/chills, headache, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, and fatigue. Ginger helps support healthy immune, respiratory, and circulatory systems and has a warming and soothing effect on strengths, making it a great oil to add to massage blends for sore muscles. It is also suitable for treating chronic bronchitis, which relieves physical problems properly.


  • Fragrance: Spicy, warm, and fresh
  • Volume: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml
  • Ingredients: 100% Pure and organic Ginger essential oil

Detailed Natural Ingredients (Batch No. 0A659824)






1.4% - 20%

α- Pinene










  * The product contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals.

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  * Test results may vary according to different production lines and batches.


  • The ginger essential oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesia functions that could help alleviate rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pain.
  • It invigorates the stomach and promotes circulation.
  • Improves immunity and resists dampness invasion in winter.
  • Help food digest faster and Support weight loss.
  • Improves respiratory system; removes mucus from the throat and lungs.
  • Regulates nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, menstrual disorders.
  • Relieves post-operative pain, reduces post-operative pressure and nausea.
  • Stimulates courage and a sense of relaxation to improve sleep quality.
  • Ginger's gentle and balancing properties reduce anxiety and fatigue.
  • It helps relieve stress, raises self-awareness, and eliminates self-doubt and fear.
    Based on suggestions from more than 2000 aromatherapists collected by Phatoil Recipe Committee (PRC). For medical use, please consult your doctor.


  • The ginger essential oil shows antimicrobial activity in proteins ultrafine fibers.

    Da Silva, Francine Tavares, et al. "The application of the active fibers containing 12% Ginger essential oil (GEO) showed high potential to be applied in food packaging to reduce microbial contamination. " International journal of biological macromolecules 118 (2018): 107-115.

  • Ginger essential oil helps mitigate post-operative nausea and vomiting.
    Lee, Yu Ri, and Hye Sook Shin. "Nausea and vomiting scores were significantly lower in the experimental group with ginger essential oil inhalation than those in the placebo control group with normal saline. " The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 23.3 (2017): 196-200.
  • The ginger essential oil has efficacy in enhancing the immune system.
    Peterfalvi, Agnes, et al. "Some essential oil (Eos), particularly eucalyptus and ginger, seem to have immune function enhancing properties in multiple studies. " Molecules 24.24 (2019): 4530.


  • Bathing: Add a few drops for a heavenly comfortable feeling filled in with a soothing aroma. Dilute one drop of Lavender, add to baby bath water to improve sleep quality.
  • Massaging: Mix a few drops with a carrier oil such as Grapeseed oil to apply to the skin. (Do not use the Essential Oil directly on the skin)
  • Air Purifying: This can be used with Diffusers, Air Fresheners, Air Purifiers, and Steaming. Put 2-3 drops of Ginger essential oil on the diffuser to relieve tiredness.
  • Wash the hair after diluting the essential oil with coconut oil that promotes blood circulation in the scalp and improves hair quality.

Traditional Applications

  • Meridian (Chinese medicine): Stomach meridian
  • Chakra (Indian medicine): Manipura


  • Ginger blends well with Cinnamon, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Rosemary, and Peppermint.
  • Warming the joints recipe: 6 drops of Ginger + 4 drops of Juniper + 8 drops of Lavender + 30ml sweet almond oil.
  • Reducing water retention recipe: 1 drop of Ginger + 2 drops of Juniper + 2 drops of Geranium + 10ml carrier oil.
  • Alleviating cold symptoms recipe: 2 drops of Ginger + 3 drops of Tea Tree + 10ml carrier oil.


  • For external use only.
  • Keep the bottle tightly sealed.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Stop using if irritation occurs.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before use.

Package Content

  • 1 Bottle of PHATOIL Ginger Essential Oil