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Black-Glass Diffuser Bracelet

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A diffuser bracelet is a great, portable way to take your favorite essential oil blend with you every day. There are different types of diffuser bracelets made of lava or wood beads. Our diffuser bracelets are made of lava beads which are a sponge-like carrier as it soaks up your favorite essential oils and slowly releases the scent throughout the day. The diffuser bracelets come in different colors and different types of stones.
These bracelets are not simple diffusers, each stone has a particular meaning, making every bracelet special and loaded with positive energies.

This bracelet combines black glass beads and white lava beads for a more aesthetic design. Glass as simple as it looks, also has positive properties. It is the perfect mixture of fragility but also protection and strength, representing our human nature. Together with the essential oils added into the lava beads, makes it the perfect accessory to go through your day with a touch of serenity and positivity.

How to Use:
1.Choose your favorite PHATOIL Essential Oil.
2.Apply 1 or 2 drops to the lava beads.
3.Enjoy the pleasant aroma for 6 to 12 hours

*You don’t need to apply the essential oils to every single lava bead.*

Tips and Tricks for using Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets:
Although they might look like a simple bracelet, diffuser bracelets can be used in many ways.

 Personal Diffuser:  the most common way of using the diffuser bracelets is for those who love the scent of essential oil or the health benefits that provides them with. Apply 1 or 2 drops to the lava beads and enjoy 6-12 hours of pleasant aroma. 
Replace your perfume with essential oils: as we all know, perfumes are full of chemicals and toxic components harmful to our skin. Wearing your favorite essential oils instead of perfume is a great way to keep unhealthy chemicals off your skin. You can apply 1 or 2 drops of your favorite essential oil or you can create your own mixture of oils to use as your daily perfume.
 Keep insects away: using certain oils, such as Citronella, Lemongrass, or Geranium in your diffuser’s beads is a great natural and eco-friendly alternative for the hottest months of the year.
Focus, release stress, and relax: when your day is extra stressful and you need a boost of motivation and focus to go through your day, reach for your favorite essential oils and add a drop to your diffuser bracelet.


The Assurance of Pureness

We bring you the purest extracts of the plants grown in the greeny highlands. Distilled from the high-quality plants well grown with nature, the essential oil we make always brings you the best experience of soothing relaxation. When you use Phatoil Essential Oil, it surrounds you with a mesmerizing aroma contained with healing powers that makes you healthier and energized. Coming with a guarantee of making you happier and healthier, we present you a range of unique essential oils of 100% purity.

Rewarding Happiness

We love happy people like you! That’s why we give you more reasons to keep yourself relaxed, surrounded by aroma all day every day with attractive coupons to choose from when you purchase your favorite pure essential oil from us. The more you love essential oil, the more you save.
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