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Glacier Diffuser

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-Low-decibel operation, ultra-quiet technology and energy-saving design, so you can rest assured to double the humidification.
-The pure and transparent PC material presents a simple and clear visual effect, and the soft light shows through, allowing you to sleep well all night.
-Automatic power-off function, multiple anti-dry function, so you can still feel relieved to add more humidification at night.
-Long battery life, providing fresh air to your room or office, making your work and daily activities more enjoyable and efficient.
-Unique and stylish large-caliber design, , you can add an appropriate amount of essential oils to make your living space full of fragrance, which is also a perfect gift.
-Suitable for bedroom, study, office, living room, bathroom, yoga, spa, meeting room, baby room, etc.

Working PIrinciple:
This is a mini humidifier with night light function, using USB interface for power supply, and built-in anti-dry burning function Nano spray technology can effectively reduce drying, reduce electronic radiation, eliminate silence, safe and clean, suitable for cars Indoor and indoor use

Product specifications:
Product Name: Glacier Humidifier
Product Model: BC-02
Input: DC 5V
Rated Power: 2W
Net Weight: 185g
Water Tank Capacity: 370ml
Material: ABS+PP+PC+Stainless Steel+Electronic Components
Spray Volume: 50mL/H+5mL
Executive standard: GB47061-2005 GB4706.48-2009

Function button description:
Spray: Touch the function button I time to spray continuously, touch the second time for intermittent working mode, spray for 3 seconds, and stop working for 3 seconds, Touch again to turn off spray
Night light: Long press the function button for 1. 5 seconds for the first time to turn on the night light, and the colorful lights change, Long press the function button for 1.5 seconds again, Fix the current light color, Long press for 1. 5 seconds again to turn off the night light

Protection function
When the water level in the humidifier is lower than the detection position of the two stainless steel probes, the spray function is automatically closed to prevent the atomization sheet from drying, and the red light flashes many times. When the humidifier is short of water, the lighting function will not be affected

Steps for usage:
Anticlockwise rotation.
Add proper water and remove Take out the cotten swab,soak it completely,and put it back in.
clockwise rotation Snap the bayonet.
Plug in the power,click Can key humidifier work

Troubleshooting for humidifiers without fogging:
1. Before use, check whether both ends of the cotton core are soaked to fully bsorb water
2. After the humidifier is left for a long time, the upper end of the cotton wick will be dry, which will easily cause no fogging and need to be wetted again.
3. When the cotton core becomes dirty/clogged due to a lot of impurities in the tap water, a thicker cotton core is required
4. The humidifier is not plugged in or charging failure
5. When the product does not produce fog during use, soak the entire cotton core in water for about 2 minutes,Use it later.
6. Use 5V voltage charger for power supply, do not use fast charge charger(9V) for power supply

Package Includes:
1 X Diffuser
1 X Cotton Swab
1 X Instruction Manual
1 X USB charging Cable
1 X Certificate

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