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About Us


Phatoil is the pioneer brand for producing the best essential oil. Founded as a small business in Hong Kong, we are currently operating as a large-scale global business with great ambitions. We are a company which is highly dedicated to manufacturing the best essential oil for anxiety and stress and handing over the best result for our beloved customers. Our passion guarantees that we provide our customers with satisfying products and consumer-centered service. Fueled by a growing demand for top-quality essential oils, we always conduct researches and analyze various raw materials we use.
By investigating different types of plants and fruits, we finally extract the pure essence of them. Every Phatoil product is manufactured through the purest essential oils that have been extracted through the herbal plants and shrubs from the mountain ranges. These oils are beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Therefore, we are committed to offering our customers a variety of the highest quality and purest essential oils. It is our great pleasure to have gained great recognition from our beloved clients worldwide. The benefits for our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope that you will enjoy a great experience of aromatherapy with our essential oils.
We are certain that you would have relaxation and feel at ease, with the soothing and stress-relieving effects. Phatoil continues to work hard toward achieving its goal of providing customers with caring strength and mind soothing benefits through essential oils.

We are a strongly established brand that is dedicated to providing the best and cheap Essential Oils online through the authentic traditional methods of distillation using purely natural ingredients.


Company Name:

Guangzhou Dinglin S&T Co., Ltd.



Floor 5, No. 42-1, Fanwu Community,

Shadong Subdistrict, Tianhe District,

Guangzhou, China


Email: service@phatoil.com
Call us on +852 62353298