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Loyalty Rewards


Yes! You are a big fan of using PHATOIL, the best Essential Oil in the market that comes to you in the highest of purity that is completely natural. While you have been buying the beat and cheap essential oils online, we are now bringing you the opportunity to earn while you purchase and enjoy more of the natural goodness of cheap Essential Oil sets. It is time for you to get into using PHATOIL Essential Oils that comes to you through distillation of the finest natural ingredients that are handpicked from the plants of the fertile highlands of above 1200 meters from the sea level.

Member Discount

Each member who joins us on PHATOIL to buy cheap Essential Oils online can enjoy a reward of $5 off on their first product purchase, as a welcoming offer for the long journey we will have with the best Essential Oil.

Earn with Points

Your loyalty with PHATOIL has always been our lifeline to survive and the motivation to become better and better into becoming the pioneer of all best Essential Oil brands out there. While we salute and appreciate your love on our products, we are now taking a step further with you into showing your our gratitude by introducing the Reward Points System which you will be benefited by each purchase you make on this platform we have set up for you to buy cheap Essential Oils online.  Each product you buy will add up Points into your account which you can redeem on future product purchases.

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