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Releasing Eye Fatigue with Aromatherapy Essential Oils

May 17,2022 | PHATOIL

There are many eye physiotherapy products on the market, such as eye drops, and eye masks. Different products have different performances. If you are a person who has suffered from eye fatigue for a long time or you need to concentrate at work, you may wish to consider mixing essential oils by yourself to achieve a physical therapy effect. All the following formulas are formulated according to scientific proportions, which are mild and non-irritating. But, it should be noted that essential oils cannot be dripped into the eyes.

Eliminate eye fatigue for the whole day
Aromatic care on the lower edge of the neck, shoulders, scalp, temples, and between the eyes can eliminate eye fatigue and relieve the fatigue of the whole body.
Recipe: 30 ml of sweet almond essential oil+ 1 drop of neroli essential oil+ 1 drop of lavender essential oil.
Method: Combine the essential oil with the sweet almond oil and rub it in the palm of your hand. Then, using the pulp of your fingers, gently caress between the eyes and knead from the face to the scalp, shoulders to the neck.

Relieve eye tension
Use hot compresses for long-term accumulated fatigue and cold compresses for acute discomfort to care for tired eyes. Choose lavender with an analgesic effect. The effect is better.
Recipe: 1 drop of lavender essential oil.
Method: Inject hot or cold water at a suitable temperature into the washbasin, and after dripping the mixed essential oil, absorb the water with a towel or cloth, then wring out the water, and apply it to the eyes (be sure to close your eyes and be careful not to let the essential oil enter your eyes). At the same time, apply it to the back of the head, the lower edge of the neck, and the inner side of the shoulder blades, which will make you feel more comfortable in this way.

Dry eyes and fatigue
Taking a bath
Recipe 1: 3 drops of lavender essential oil+2 drops of chamomile essential oil+1 drops of sweet orange essential oil.
Recipe 2: 3 drops of lavender essential oil+2 drops of rose essential oil+1 drop of bergamot essential oil.
Method: Drop the mixed essential oils into the bath, let the air with moisturizing ingredients slowly steam into the face, close the eyes and rotate the eyeballs up and down, left and right. In this way, it can effectively relieve those people who have been suffering from eye fatigue and dry eyes.


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