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Homemade Effective Essential Oils Spray Mosquito Repellent Recipe

May 11,2022 | PHATOIL

Spring and summer are the seasons with more mosquitoes, especially after exercising. Body odor is the favorite of mosquitoes. If there are children in the family, the mosquito repellent products on the market are worried that they will be harmful to the children's health, so they do not dare use them. If you want to use non-toxic, harmless, and effective mosquito repellent products, you can consider homemade mosquito repellent essential oils.

Phatoil's essential oils are based on scientific proportions, and they are safe and non-irritating whether they are used directly or through an aromatherapy machine. After many experiments, the following are the most effective mosquito repellent formulas. The two main essential oils used are lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil.

Mosquito Repellent Essential Oils Spray

This formula uses essential oils that mosquitoes shy away from. Sometimes, even if you wear long sleeves and trousers, you can't avoid being attacked by mosquitoes, so you can spray it on your arms and feet several times beforehand. If you are going to travel to tropical areas where malaria mosquitoes are infested, it is best to bring insect repellent spray and take precautions. 

Recipe: 8 drops lemon pure essential oils, 8 drops lavender pure essential oils, 4 drops geranium essential oils, 3 drops clove essential oils, 10ml of anhydrous alcohol, and 90ml of distilled water.

Method: Dilute essential oils in anhydrous alcohol. Pour in distilled water. Shake carefully before use.

Note: If you want to reduce the number of drops of clove, you can also add 1 drop of other essential oils.


Anti-itch and anti-irritability mosquito ointment

When bitten by mosquitoes, you can immediately apply an anti-itch ointment, which can also eliminate the irritability caused by itching at the same time.

7 drops of lavender essential oil + 4 drops of peppermint essential oil + 20g of shea butter + 10 ml of jojoba essential oil

Method: Melt the shea butter, add the jojoba oil, let it cool slightly, then mix in the essential oil and set it aside until it solidifies.


Gel for mosquito bites

When bitten by mosquitoes or dust mites, apply the gel below, or directly use 1 drop of tea tree essential oil or real lavender essential oil to reduce itching and inflammation. It is convenient to carry with you when camping.

Recipe: 10 drops lavender pure essential oils, 10 drops tea tree essential oils, 2 drops geranium essential oil or lemon essential oil, 10ml jojoba essential oil, and 20g aloe vera gel.

Method: Mix aloe vera gel and jojoba oil, stir until the color is white, and then drop in the essential oil.

Note: If used on children under 6 years old, the number of drops of essential oil is halved. You can also replace the base material with 30g beeswax ointment.


If you feel that the process is too complicated to make a bottle of mosquito repellent essential oil, Phatoil has a compound essential oil that is formulated according to scientific proportions.

Compound essential oils usually consist of two or more pure essential oils and base oils, specially formulated in a certain proportion to achieve a certain effect, and can be directly contacted by the skin.

This Insect Repellent Functional oil is a natural, alternative to traditional insect repellents that naturally repel bugs and other outdoor irritants. Its main ingredients are the essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, geranium, citronella, and grapeseed.


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