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10 Recommended Essential Oils for Mothers

May 03,2022 | PHATOIL

If you are worried about what gift you should buy for your mother at special festivals like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, etc., maybe you could take essential oils into consideration. No one could refuse a bottle of functional essential oils. Here are some popular essential oils for your reference. Make a surprise for your mother by choosing the special functions they need.

No matter what kind of gift we choose for our parents, they will be happy about it. This is not because they receive a gift, but because they are happy about your sweetness and thoughtful. Buying gifts is another way to convey "I love you". Thus, let’s pick a meaningful gift for them.

Essential oil sets have many aromas, and different types may have different functions depending on your choice.

Sandalwood essential oils

Sandalwood essential oils are excellent pulmonary antiseptics, help relieve symptoms of the genitourinary system, balance the secretion of sebaceous glands, regenerate skin cells, effectively deal with oily skin and acne, promote skin cell growth, quickly restore scars, and can disperse anxiety emotions, help to increase romantic mood, and have a strong sedative effect on the central nervous system, which can calm people down.

Vanilla essential oils

Vanilla essential oils are natural antioxidants that reduce damage caused by inflammation, relieve nausea, relieve colic, improve chronic fatigue, reduce symptoms caused by anxiety and anxiety, such as claustrophobia, and calm emotions.

Lavender essential oils

Lavender essential oils are sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, balancing, and restorative. They condition skin, heal wounds and promote healthy new skin regeneration, relieve sharp and piercing pain, reduce central nervous system sensitivity to pain, and balance sebaceous gland secretion to avoid skin infection. They are suitable for treating acne and lightening scars. It can also soothe people with severe emotional fluctuations, ease mental depression, regulate emotional imbalance, and improve mental status. It can treat mental stress, mental discomfort, or insomnia caused by the overuse of the brain.

Chamomile essential oils

Chamomile essential oils have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate the production of white blood cells, which in turn ward off bacteria, effectively treat eczema, and strengthen the immune system. Improvement of gynecological problems such as dysmenorrhea. Compared with lavender essential oil, it has a relieving effect on dull pain. And it effectively relieves and calms restless emotions, relieves insomnia, and reduces irritability, sensitivity, and nervousness caused by stress and anxiety.

Jasmine essential oils

Jasmine essential oils have a warm, heavy, stress-relieving aroma, act as an aphrodisiac, treat cough caused by bronchial allergies, particularly mucositis cough, improve physical fitness, relax stiffness, and tense limbs, have an antidepressant effect, and can relieve postpartum blues. Depression can enhance self-identity, enhance self-confidence, improve tension and anxiety, relax and enhance sexual function.

Eucalyptus essential oils

Eucalyptus essential oils have strong bactericidal effects, inhibit cold viruses, have antibacterial activity, can prevent dental caries and inhibit periodontal bacteria, treat urinary tract infections, have a significant diuretic function, relieve pain caused by shingles, refresh and refresh, thereby driving away mental fatigue, calming fluctuating emotions, helping to refresh the mind and concentrate.

Rose essential oils

Rose essential oils are the best choice for dry skin. They can gradually regulate and astringe microvessels, delay skin aging, have a certain sedative effect, and regulate the nervous system, spleen and stomach, liver, and kidneys. It has a soothing effect on women who are insecure, relieves tension, relaxes nerves, regulates and straightens out irregular heart rate, palpitations, and panic attacks, and helps menopausal women regain confidence.

Clove essential oils

Clove essential oils are good pain relievers, treat toothaches, inhibit bacterial growth in the mouth, and help with diarrhea and stomach cramps. Improves weak constitution and anemia, promotes blood circulation, alleviates mental powerlessness, and has an overall motivating function. Make people optimistic and confident and let go of old ideas.

Rosemary essential oils

Rosemary essential oils effectively inhibit bacterial growth, can be used as a disinfectant fumigant, increase blood circulation, are used to treat muscle soreness, are rich in antioxidants, slow or prevent oxidative damage to important cellular components, strengthen the immune system, reduce cortisol levels. Weight gain due to excess, In addition, it can also relieve the fatigue caused by work, reduce fatigue, and make people clear-headed (the best effect).

Bergamot essential oils

Bergamot essential oils are effective in treating shingles and chickenpox, reducing pain, relieving skin infection problems, helping to promote the digestive process, relieving pain and indigestion, soothing the appetite control center, and improving symptoms of anorexia nervosa. And its natural aromatic properties have obvious effects on treating depression and anxiety and stabilizing emotions.


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